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Discover the impactful initiatives undertaken by Vision Driven 757 within the community!


In January 2024, Executive Director Lindsey Anderson and Board Secretary Nicole Randolph visited April Woodard on the Hampton Roads Show to discuss Building Bosses 2024 and upcoming events and programs.

In May 2023, Vision Driven 757 was selected as the winner of the AT&T Dream in Black small business award.


Our friends at Wavy 10 came out and covered Building Bosses 2024.

In January 2024, Vision Driven 757 was awarded a community giving from Rosie's Gaming Emporium to continue outreach efforts across Hampton Roads.


Vision Driven 757 is currently competing to win $10,000 from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. Vote as often as possible from now until May 14th.

Every year for the holiday season, Vision Driven 757, partners with local organizations to support underserved families across Hampton Roads. To collaborate with us for the holiday season, email

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