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Upcoming Events

We invite you to join us in making a positive impact on our community by participating in our exciting lineup of upcoming events. As an inclusive and diverse organization, we believe that collective action is the key to fostering meaningful change. Whether you're passionate about empowering youth, supporting local initiatives, or promoting social justice, our community events offer a platform for you to contribute your time, skills, and energy.

King Me

A Conversation about Black Men and Masculinity

King Me provides a safe space for conversation, insight, and examples of the many layers of masculinity in the black community. Selected speakers and men across Hampton Roads will come together to share their personal experiences and understanding of masculinity in the black community. Young men will be encouraged to ask any questions they may have to define or solidify their definitions of masculinity. Ages 13 and up. Women are welcome to attend as audience participants.


Be Well

Community Resource Fair

Be Well aides the whole family in preparing for back to school by providing the community with medical resources, community resources, hygiene products, and disinfectant supplies, in addition to school supplies. There will be up to 30 medical and mental health exhibitors and community resource providers from the Hampton Roads area. The event's goal is to bring awareness to free and affordable healthcare opportunities, including dentists, dermatologists, primary care providers, and other specialties. Additionally, this event will serve as an opportunity for community involvement and volunteer opportunities.

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